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Please, answer the following question, short and right! Please, use full english Version !


1. please, specify all the member Microsoft Office 2007 !

2. Please, specify all the member of Pull Down Menu in Ms Excel 2007 !

3. Please, specify the member of columns and row in :

a. Microsoft Excel 2007

b. Microsoft Excel 2003

4. Whether it's function in Ms Excel 2007 ?

a. Format Cell

b. Sum

c. Count Numbers

d. Max

e. Min




i. MID


5. If the value is less than 76, then "FAIL" and if it's value is more than 76, then "SUCCESS".

Please, write a formula that should be used !


1. Microsoft Office 2007 is :

a. Microsoft Office Access 2007

b. Microsoft Office Excel 2007

c. Microsoft Office Poworpoint 2007

d. Microsoft office Publisher 2007

e. Microsoft Office Word 2007

f. Microsoft Office Picture Manager 2007

g. Microsoft Office Diagnostics 2007

h. Microsoft Office Language Setting 2007

i. Microsoft Office Clip Organizer 2007

2. Home : Clipboard, Font, Aligment, Number, Styles, Cells, Editing.

Insert : Tables, Illustrations, Charts, Links, Text

Page Layout : Themes, Page Setup, Scale to Fit, Sheet Options, Arrange

Formulas : Function library, Defined Names, Formula Auditing, Calculation.

Data : Get External Data, Connections, Sort & Filter, Data Tools, Outline.

Review : Proofing, Comments, Changes

View : Workbook Views, Show/Hide, Zoom, Window, Macros.

3. Microsoft excel 2007
-rows :1.048576

Microsoft excel 2003
-rows :65.536

4. a. Format Cells : To change cell or do formatting cell

b.Sum : To sum the data in range

c.Count Numbers : to sum the rows in one list

d.Max : The MAX function, one of Excel's statistical functions, is used to find the largest or
maximum value in a given list of numbers

e.Min : The MIN function, one of Excel's statistical functions, is used to find the smallest or
minimum value in a given list of numbers

f.COUNTIF : to calculate the more data in the list or range

g.VLOOKUP : to read yhe table with vertical

h.HLOOKUP : to read the table with horizontal

i.MID : The MEDIAN function, one of Excel's statistical functions, gives you the middle value
from a list of numbers.

j.ROUND 0, ROUND 1, ROUND 2 : to round the numbers with decimal number who wanted

5. =if(F5<=76"FAIL";>=76"SUCCES")

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